The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association ( has been around since 1988. Since it’s inception, IRATA has been focused on providing clarification of industrial rope work in order to create a safe rope access system for occupational purposes. In 2013, IRATA had 277 member companies globally representing the elite in work at height operations.


'IRATA is the international rope access standard.'

The International Code of Practice (ICOP) has evolved into an internationally recognized standard
practice for rope access work.

The IRATA system requires training and certification, diligent  supervision, and adherence to specific work methods. The code of practice has been created with the assistance from various established rope access companies over many years working in various locales with regional, national, and international health and safety organizations.

IRATA'S International Code of Practice

The International Code of Practice (ICOP) is set out to provide in-depth information to member companies to clarify the safest procedures for rope borne work at height. Rope Access work (complying to these specific standards) has proven to be the safest method of work at height, as published in IRATA’s Annual Work & Safety Statistics: Work and Safety Analysis.

Membership to IRATA is audited in several stages, ensuring compliance with the International Code of Practice in all aspects. Membership audits are carried out separately for training companies and operating companies; which is followed with specific annual audit requirements to ensure compliance. However, WorksafeBC does not require companies to become IRATA members but, to still follow their International Code of Practice if employing IRATA rope access technicians.

The International Code of Practice clearly defines requirements on rope access procedures which includes:

– Training, Assessment, and Certification
– Competence and Selection of Rope Access Technicians
– Planning and Management of Rope Access
– Selection of Equipment, Marking and Traceability, and Inspections / Record keeping
– Specific Methods for rope access work
– Trainers, Assessors, Auditors
– Rope access management and supervision
– Risk Assessment, Method Statements, Standards

Navigating your way through the ICOP can be a daunting task. Contact Pacific Ropes for any questions and queries on how you can incorporate ICOP standards into your operations efficiently.



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