The Trades and Rope Access

Take Your Trade Skills to the Next Level! Your Timing has Never Been Better! Are you Ready??? 

The decision to invest in Rope Access as a separate skill alongside a trade ticket is a great way to become more competitive in today’s job market. And the best part is: Rope Access needs YOU!

Within the construction industry today, Rope Access is increasingly called into action as a method for achieving complex trade work in difficult to reach spaces. Rope Access enables teams to reach these spaces affordably and with incredible precision and ease; however, once these spaces are accessed, we need professionals to get the job done right! We need Welders, Steelworkers, Electricians, Pipefitters, Non Destructive Testing Technicians, Millwrights, and Insulators to complete this specialized work within our rope system. Are you up for the challenge?

Some things to consider when you look at construction today and for considering the benefit of investing in Rope Access to add to your career arsenal:

1) Budgets matter more than ever. Companies are aiming to achieve work affordably and with optimal time efficiency. Rope Access is the answer to this fiscal need, over traditional means like scaffolding, due to its all-inclusive system of rescue, labor and access. Rope Access also completes a job 9 times out of 10 before a scheduled end date. Affordability and time considered, a trade paired with Rope Access certification is a valuable combination on several work sites!

2) Architectural design is becoming more complex and vertical in urban centers. This in turn is changing the urban landscape and increasingly requires specialized access solutions. The Rope Access system interacts with this landscape far better than traditional means of completing work at height – through scaffolding, crane work, cradles, and lifts- and because of this Rope Access continues to be in high demands.

3) While the urban landscape is growing vertical, it is simultaneously in need of being preserved. Historical buildings are in need of specialized restoration/preservation work by a myriad of trades. This requires an unobtrusive means of access to complete work while preserving original façades. Again, your trade ticket combined with Rope Access is the go-to solution in this instance.

4) Offshore work is growing with the expansion of the wind economy and offshore drilling. Rope Access technicians are perfectly suited for these compact environments that require regular inspection, maintenance and set-up. If you are someone who enjoys unconventional work environments and travel, Rope Access certification with your trade ticket can ensure you exciting work globally.

Each of these work environments require innovative modes of work access paired with the skill of a trade.  So, the only question left to ask yourself is, “Am I doing everything possible to make sure I’m employable in this new work landscape?” If not, consider Rope Access as a means of enhancing your career opportunities! You CAN be the advantage on a job site.


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