Rope Access and Technical Rope Rescue

Photo provided by Brent Hannam. The article was co-written by Terrah Jong (Marketing and Business Development Strategist @ Pacific Ropes and Andrea de Vries Communications Coordinator @ Raven Rescue). From caving and mountaineering to Rope Access and Technical Rope Rescue, … Continued

Meet Doug!

Rope Access Rescue

Hey Ropers! This week we are featuring one of our friends here at Pacific Ropes who has been a Rope Tech for an upwards of 8 years! We are going to call him “Doug” to protect his anonymity as per … Continued

The Petzl Progress Adjust and Progress Adjust 1

  Hey Ropers,   So, today we launched our YouTube Channel  with a gear review on one of Petzl’s new work positioning gear devices, the Progress Adjust and Progress Adjust 1, which became available to us in February of this … Continued

Meet Candace! A new SPRAT/IRATA tech!

      Hey Ropers! As a training facility for IRATA and SPRAT students, a big part of our job is understanding the wonderful students that choose to enter into Rope Access training in the first place- What was the … Continued

Are you putting your workers at risk?

  How one simple safety precaution can save lives. The story below is written by our owner, Tim Zagiel. This will be the first of many posts on the “Life of a Rope Tech.” Check it out!   A decade … Continued