Rope Access Safety: Equipment

Last but not least, the fifth safety component of the Rope Access system is equipment management.   Although Rope Access derived from climbing and caving, many gear manufacturers realized the need for the Rope Access industry to have specialized industrial … Continued

Rope Access Safety: Supervisors

The fourth safety component to the Rope Access system is the Level 3 Rope Access Supervisor. We touched upon the thorough training and certification system for Rope Access but we need to also note the role of the Level 3 … Continued

Rope Access Safety: Training and Personnel

The third safety component to understand is the structure and organization of Rope Access training. Simply put, if you don’t have training experience in Rope Access, you cannot go on rope to professionally practice Rope Access and complete work for any company.    … Continued

Rope Access Safety: The Rope Access Method

What is Rope Access exactly? We get asked this question a lot! To put it simply, Rope Access is a two-rope system (a working line and back-up line) that a Rope Technician attaches to with a harness in order to … Continued

Rope Access Safety: Program and Paperwork

At Pacific Ropes, our Rope Access program is outlined in our Rope Access Operating Procedures, also known as the RAOP. Think of it as the Occupational Health and Safety program of Rope Access. The RAOP outlines the do’s and don’ts … Continued

Rope Access and Technical Rope Rescue

Photo provided by Brent Hannam. The article was co-written by Terrah Jong (Marketing and Business Development Strategist @ Pacific Ropes and Andrea de Vries Communications Coordinator @ Raven Rescue). From caving and mountaineering to Rope Access and Technical Rope Rescue, … Continued

Rope Access and HOT Weather Conditions

  A whopping 64 temperature records were broken in B.C. this summer and it is Vancouver’s hottest summer on record. BC has also received several “High Risk” to “Very High Risk” air quality heat index statuses throughout the month of … Continued

Worksafe BC Safety Inspections

I find it hard to chew through some comments from local employers regarding OHS programs in place (and an obvious lack thereof). Some even think that there is only one small section of the regulation that applies to their operations. … Continued