Is Rope Access For You?


Hey Ropers!


We had the awesome pleasure of being interviewed by Colorado’s own Rope and Rescue team (, who specialize in selling products for high access, technical rescue, recreational climbing and mountaineering, and a number of other industries.

They are a fun and dynamic team of rope specialists and enthusiasts, and we especially enjoy their YouTube Channel for great rope education video and a good laugh! Myself and Amy Lavin had a great discussion about Rope Access and gaining tech certification in IRATA, SPRAT, or both; their similarities, their differences and the distinct pathways of Rope Access training and certification each can provide you with.  This is a great piece to read if you are considering investing in Rope Access certification, and raises some good points about choosing the correct certification for you! Have a read, gain or share some insight, and be sure to include Rope and Rescue among your Social Media favorites on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

From all of us at Pacific Ropes and on behalf of Rope and Rescue, See you on the ropes!

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Rope Tech Yo-Self before you Wreck Yo-Self!