Rope Access: Example of Innovation in Construction?

Is Rope Access an example of innovation in construction? Hop onto any company’s mission webpage and you’ll find innovation listed somewhere in their mission or values. I think 70% of my research drums up the word innovation somewhere. It’s a word the portrays excitement, possibility, and ambition. And I guess I understand why most companies would want other people to think of them as that. Heck, even we decided innovation would be a great word to describe Pacific Ropes. Currently, here is what is listed under our values page:

INNOVATION: As it is our passion, we focus on engineering creative access solutions for the modern age that produces nothing but the best results. Our innovation in access is always aligned with best practice and the highest quality end results.

It sounds like a lot of fluff. What does innovation actually mean?? At Pacific Ropes, we are always reminding ourselves what our values are as this drives the way we interact with each other, with our clients and students, and also how we make our decisions. So how does innovation fit into Pacific Ropes. And is what we’re doing really that innovative and new? Check out this infographic:

Is Rope Access Innovative_2


I would call us “innovative brokers.” An innovative broker is someone who takes something from one application and applies it to a completely different application in order to make this second application much better. So we may not be inventing something completely new but we are taking something that works and using it elsewhere to make it better! Specifically, we can take the basic application of using ropes as an access to a cave and use it instead to access a tank, bridge, penstock, or any difficult access area. It’s safe and ultimately makes things more efficient and more cost effective.

Can rope access be applied to what you do? Send us a message!