PacRopes New Years Resolutions

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I think New Years resolutions have gotten a bad rep over the years. Most people don’t make them; assuming they won’t be able to keep up with them anyway. I think it’s because people make resolutions that they currently have no motivation to do! For example, going to the gym. If you’re currently not going to the gym, I feel you’re setting yourself up for failure. Because how is a change in date going to give you the motivation that you need? I get the concept of new beginnings and new hope. Especially if you’ve had a rough year. But, that alone isn’t going to give you the motivation to make whatever changes you need to make. But, not all is lost! I think if we made some realistic goals or fun goals, maybe we would stand the chance of keeping our New Year resolutions or goals.

Sure, fun goals might not help you make the necessary life changes you need to make. But at least you’ll up the happy hormone in the “play” portion of your brain. Then, maybe that will kick start some motivation to tackle the serious things in life.

So at PacRopes, we’ve come up with our top 10 fun resolutions!

1) Build a bouldering wall in the training center

2) Find a graffiti artist to create something awesome for the aid climbing wall

3) Have more parties at work

4) Maybe do wine fridays in the office?

5) Get a dog harness and make our office dogs do rope access

6) Organize a team day at the trampoline park

7) Plan a Supervisor’s retreat in Tofino

8) Buy a shipping container and turn it into accommodation

9) Or, buy a boler as our training center accommodation

10) Pizza parties!! Because everyone loves a pizza party!

What are your fun resolutions for 2017? Send me a message or comment on our social media feeds. We’d love to hear how you’ll make 2017 fun!