Petzl’s Call to Innovate: A Historical Approach to understanding the Petzl ASAP and ASAP Lock

asap lock


Although the updated ASAP and ASAP Lock were released almost 2 years ago, and there are several reviews online of both, I felt it was important to document how the ASAP was galvanized into the back-up device marketplace, at a time when, quite frankly, you simply ‘couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ The story of the ASAP is one of not only the need for technical innovation and safety analysis, but also highlights a time when the relationship between Petzl and IRATA was somewhat tempestuous. This is a good piece to keep on hand to share with new techs and a good story to understand when considering an update in your kit. I always believe when I write Rope Access material that it’s important to share detail because our history is still so short; yet it can missed if we don’t pay attention. It provides an approach for choosing new gear that hits the market and reminds us that new innovations in gear technology usually comes with an interesting story.

Please take the time to read this different sort of gear review on the ASAP Lock.

Thanks all and we’ll see you on the ropes!

The Call to Innovate