Using Rope Access on your projects is a great opportunity to reduce costs, increase safety, and make the impossible happen! So, where do you start when hiring Rope Access teams?

How do you know which Rope Access company to hire? More importantly, how can you ensure that the Rope Access team you are hiring meets all the safety standards according to WorksafeBC?

What a Great Rope Access team looks like

Rope Access audits, Program & Paperwork, Certifications


Do they go through Rope Access audits?

IRATA is the only Rope Access association that conducts audits on their member companies. So, it’s not just a matter of signing up and paying a membership fee to become an IRATA member company, we also have to go through an audit process. There are two separate IRATA audit systems. One, if you decide to just do Rope Access operations. And one, if you decide to carry out IRATA training. The audit system is in depth and happens every three years. To learn more about how this audit works, please visit our IRATA  audit page.

If you hire a Rope Access company who is an IRATA member company, you can be confident knowing that they are following the highest Rope Access standards and that they are being held accountable for their operations.

What is their Rope Access program and paperwork?

Not many companies will have the resources to go through the IRATA audits. However, this doesn’t mean that a Rope Access company who isn’t an IRATA member company, isn’t safe. A few things you can ask to see would be their Rope Access Operating Procedures. It’s the same as asking them to see their OHS manual. Except, their RAOP will confirm for you what their policies are in regards to training, staffing, Rope Access method, and equipment handling. You can also ask them to submit their Work and Rescue Plan or their Risk Assessment and Method Statement (aka RAMS).

Check out their certifications

Lastly, simply asking to see their Rope Access certifications can be assurance that they’ve gone through their due diligence in training to the Rope Access method. Remember, in order to get a Rope Access certification, they must pass their assessment by a third party person. So, even if they tried to get trained through a buddy or colleague, they have to be able to prove to their examiner that they meet all the requirements as listed out by SPRAT or IRATA.

Pacific Ropes is audited by IRATA and COR

Pacific Ropes is an IRATA member company and we are COR certified. This means we’ve decided to commit to two auditing programs to show you our commitment to safety. If you have any questions in regards to any aspects of how safe Rope Access is, please don’t hesitate to call us!