Gear Review: DMM EDGEHOG

Here is a REALLY quick gear review we wanted to share (great recommendation from one of our L3’s).

It’s called the Edgehog and it’s made by DMM



So, because we were curious why they named it after, obviously, a Hedgehog, here are 3 fun facts about Hedgehogs:

1)      They are considered an Old World Mammal deriving from Europe, Asia, and Africa (So this thing has an amazing passport).

2)      They are nocturnal

3)      The number of quills (or what is technically called their SPINES) on their back is approximately in the 5000 range.


We could go on. Literally, Hedgehogs are fascinating creatures.

Nothing quite makes sense when it comes to naming this piece of equipment, so I’m assuming someone just got clever with words, but, there is no doubt that this is a genius device!

Grates! You definitely love talking about this to your friends and especially your girlfriend!

In the world of Rope Access, we walk on grates all of the time and in a ton of different environments. Because grates are created based on 90 degree, right angles, they can tend to be really, really hard on your ropes. Grates are built to manage the force of water and drainage in particular- so, grates have to be tough!  However, techs are often put in a position where they need to rope through and into grates to access a myriad of spaces and environments.

We didn’t like the DMM Catch particularly and for specific design/functionality reasons; however, there are many reasons why we LOVE this device! The Edgehog is built for its use and properly so. If you work in any environment that deals with heat, humidity, water, and obviously, grates, this is an incredible device to ensure total safety for your ropes. The best feature of this device is that it can manage our 2 rope system up to 13mm per rope slot. It can shift and change its locking device to any rope that is under that measurement.

To quote from DMM:


“Designed for use in rope access. The Edgehog fits through deck grating (commonly known as Kennedy Grating) which is found in many industrial situations such as oil rigs, chemical plants, and refineries.

The Edgehog greatly improves rope protection against sharp edges when ropes are fed through gratings.”


No lie there. We give this device a 9/10. Our trainer and L3 professional from Scotland says, “It’s shiny!” Ha! What a guy. But in all seriousness, he recommends that installation and de-instal is quick and convenient.



Only losing point, and again, this comes from your seasoned tech Don Gibbons, you have to be on top of your stopper knots.  You have to feed the rope through ASAP (through the grate) and before any knots are tied and you have to untie before you feed the ropes back through. No getting past this.

The only other tool required to put this piece together is a wrench. So, make sure you are knotting at the right time, de-knotting and ready!


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