Features of the Safe Tec Duck-R

You know how back in the day if you wanted to “download” a song, you would have to turn on the radio function on your ghetto blaster, insert a blank cassette tape, and then press record when a good song … Continued

Features of the Petzl IDs

When I took my IRATA level one, I was so focused on practicing maneuvers during the week that I didn’t give enough study time to learning my gear. To be honest, I took it for granted. I didn’t think it … Continued


We previously reviewed the new 2016 PETZL NEWTON – a basic (but not so basic) – fall arrest harness. But the second piece of equipment in PETZL’s long awaited fall arrest line is the PETZL VOLT (and the PETZL VOLT … Continued

Gear Review: DMM EDGEHOG

Here is a REALLY quick gear review we wanted to share (great recommendation from one of our L3’s). It’s called the Edgehog and it’s made by DMM.    So, because we were curious why they named it after, obviously, a … Continued

Rope Access Gear Kit.

This video features the Pacific Ropes technician kit- we train with this kit here at Pacific Ropes and many of our L1’s, 2’s and 3’s use the exact pieces of this kit for our contracting work. Of course, each tech … Continued

Gear Review: The Petzl Grillon

  The Petzl Grillon (pronounced Gri-Yon, soft N, very French). The legend? The Icon?  Well, if anything, a very loyal friend. The Grillon has probably at one point or another been a part of most rope techs arsenal and for … Continued

The Petzl Progress Adjust and Progress Adjust 1

  Hey Ropers,   So, today we launched our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VP-2VB8FYw  with a gear review on one of Petzl’s new work positioning gear devices, the Progress Adjust and Progress Adjust 1, which became available to us in February of this … Continued