Because Rope Access is an access system that is the safest and most affordable way to complete work at-height, in confined spaces and in subterranean environments via rope- no scaffolding, no lifts, no bosun chair, no problem. Developed in the 1990’s from caving and climbing techniques, Rope Access was designed to serve the industrial sector’s most crucial access challenges.

Rope Access is the safest and most affordable solution!

Access + Labour + Rescue = One System. One Cost.

At Pacific Ropes, we believe Rope Access is the innovative solution to your access problems!

It solved and continues to answer the question, “How can we possibly get to that space without costing an arm and a leg?”

Rope Access therefore allows you to access what has typically been presumed inaccessible in a way that is safe and affordable. As Canada’s most innovative access solution, Rope Access puts you at an incredible professional advantage as it combines access, labour, rescue, environmental controls, and set-up/take-down in ONE complete system, for ONE total cost.  You only need to hire ONE team to do everything. There is no need to hire separate contractors for access, labour, or rescue. Rope Access cannot be beat in this regard.

How does Rope Access save me money?

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Safety is our #1 priority. In our people and in our process.

Rope Access has an unmatched safety record globally. We are regulated and audited on a global scale through the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and regulated within North America through the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). This ensures all Rope Access companies, training facilities, and technicians are all educated, regulated and managed according to very specific safety, technique and rescue guidelines. Safety is the top priority of the Rope Access community, it is engrained in our practices, and ensured through our system of techniques and gear.

It should be noted that Rope Access is regulated in BC. Part 34 of the WorksafeBC regulation outlines the standards of Rope Access on a jobsite.

Rope Access Comes in ON TIME!

Need a job completed quickly? Rope Access is your Answer!

In choosing Rope Access, time is always on your side given the efficiency of our access system.

When it comes to meeting project deadlines, 9 times of out ten Rope Access completes a project ahead of schedule.

Rope Access does not require a lengthy set-up process like traditional access system such as scaffolding. So, little set-up, short wait time. We can get to the job right away. As we know, time is money. So shorter project schedules means more money in the bank!

Rope Access Puts You at a Professional Advantage!

Rope Access techniques allow technicians a 360 degree system of movement that serves multiple applications. In the end, you gain the efficiency and progress that your clients will appreciate. Problem solving an access solution for any project is highly comprehensive and collaborative. Because we believe there is no space we can’t access, we believe just as strongly that there is no access problem we can’t solve.  Given this, our industry is the leading access provider for trade workers, wind turbine technicians, engineers, construction crews, cleaning and maintenance services, geo-technical technicians, tower climbers, motion picture set builders and various other professional trades-people.

We're the green option!

In a team of at least two people, the Rope Access system completes work with little to no environmental impact and with total consideration of any existing ecosystem that needs to be preserved or left unharmed during the duration of a project. In condense urban areas, Rope Access allows large-scale projects to happen without disrupting the community like traffic closures. Because of these things, we consider ourselves to be the “greenest” access option available.


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