Rope Access: Example of Innovation in Construction?

Is Rope Access an example of innovation in construction? Hop onto any company’s mission webpage and you’ll find innovation listed somewhere in their mission or values. I think 70% of my research drums up the word innovation somewhere. It’s a … Continued

We Can Rope Access That!

W Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition As a Rope Technician, have you ever caught yourself staring up at a structure and wondering if you can Rope Access that? We do! All the time! Just in case you aren’t in the know, … Continued

Bloedel Roof Replacement Party

On Thursday, July 3rd, Pacific Ropes was invited to participate in a live demonstration event at The Bloedel Conservatory Roof Replacement Party. With the project almost near completion, Ken at Spectrum Skyworks along with Curve Communications hosted an open house … Continued

The Bloedel Conservatory

  One of the unique selling points of working in Rope Access is that you never know what kind of interesting location and spaces you will be asked to work in. Over the winter and spring, the team at Pacific … Continued

Case Study: Port Mann Bridge

In 2012, the ambitious Port Mann Bridge — the second widest cable-stayed bridge in the world — was finally completed. The process was lengthy and technical, and involved only the best vendors and tradespeople in the province. With a mandate … Continued