PacRopes New Years Resolutions

  I think New Years resolutions have gotten a bad rep over the years. Most people don’t make them; assuming they won’t be able to keep up with them anyway. I think it’s because people make resolutions that they currently have … Continued

Why I love the Petzl Grillon

One of the first things I introduced here to Pacific Ropes training was using the Petzl Grillon as part of your basic kit. Why? Because it makes everything easier and safer! Back when I first started Rope Access, working out on … Continued


We previously reviewed the new 2016 PETZL NEWTON – a basic (but not so basic) – fall arrest harness. But the second piece of equipment in PETZL’s long awaited fall arrest line is the PETZL VOLT (and the PETZL VOLT … Continued


FACT: Falls are the leading cause of worker fatalities in construction.   To this end, safety cannot be overstated on a worksite and using an excellent harness is a major part of ensuring your safety at height. Harnesses are no … Continued

What’s the True Cost of Rope Access Training?

In Rope Access we rarely talk about our training and educational system as a cost or commodity.   There is an approximate Industry standardization of cost for training in Rope Access globally (depending on which association you are certifying within) … Continued

What makes a great IRATA L3 Technician?

Becoming an L3 is actually more important and requires more skill, experience and maturity than most people assume when they join the IRATA system. Rope Techs by their L2 are notoriously known for having big egos and unfortunately this isn’t … Continued

Meet the incredible Leslie!

Photo Cred: Mikey Stevenson   When I began my career at Pacific Ropes, I was surprised to quickly find out how few women there are working in the Rope Access industry.   However, like so many of our industry counterparts, an … Continued

We Can Rope Access That!

W Vancouver’s Pacific National Exhibition As a Rope Technician, have you ever caught yourself staring up at a structure and wondering if you can Rope Access that? We do! All the time! Just in case you aren’t in the know, … Continued

Gear Review: DMM EDGEHOG

Here is a REALLY quick gear review we wanted to share (great recommendation from one of our L3’s). It’s called the Edgehog and it’s made by DMM.    So, because we were curious why they named it after, obviously, a … Continued

Meet Our Trainer, Josh!

Josh is quite the guy! Coming from the academic field of Philosophy, Josh has an amazing perspective on life and all things Rope Access. Josh is truly Pacific Ropes Family. Working on our contracting end for 3 years and beginning … Continued