Rope Access: Example of Innovation in Construction?

Is Rope Access an example of innovation in construction? Hop onto any company’s mission webpage and you’ll find innovation listed somewhere in their mission or values. I think 70% of my research drums up the word innovation somewhere. It’s a … Continued

PacRopes New Years Resolutions

  I think New Years resolutions have gotten a bad rep over the years. Most people don’t make them; assuming they won’t be able to keep up with them anyway. I think it’s because people make resolutions that they currently have … Continued

What’s the True Cost of Rope Access Training?

In Rope Access we rarely talk about our training and educational system as a cost or commodity.   There is an approximate Industry standardization of cost for training in Rope Access globally (depending on which association you are certifying within) … Continued

Is Rope Access For You?

  Hey Ropers!   We had the awesome pleasure of being interviewed by Colorado’s own Rope and Rescue team (, who specialize in selling products for high access, technical rescue, recreational climbing and mountaineering, and a number of other industries. They … Continued

Innovation and Rope Access

Hey Ropers, One of the most consistent patterns in business is the failure of leading companies to stay at the top of their industries when technologies, common practice, or markets change. Because many companies centralize their focus on of-the-moment operations … Continued

Is Rope Access Training Worth Your Investment?

  Budgets. For any business, it can be a challenge to prioritize costs per month. We input the “necessities” and quantify what “extras”, if any, we can afford at that given time. As a small business owner, I often feel … Continued

Office Makeover

For the past month we’ve been settling nicely into our new headquarters located in a spacious new office/training space in Richmond. Take a look at our before and after photos! Our training centre is really coming together thanks to a team … Continued