FAQ: Rope Access Assessments & Evaluations

After successfully completing the 4 days, minimum length, training course for the IRATA certification you’re pursuing (IRATA L1, L2, or L3) and paying the relevant fees, the training member company that trained you (like us) will pass your information onto … Continued

Rope Access Logbook: Questions and Answers

Information on rope access logbooks aren’t always black and white. So, here is a collection of questions you may have:   1) Where do I get an IRATA or SPRAT logbook? Your IRATA and/or SPRAT logbook gets issued to you once … Continued

How To Fill Out Your Logbook Successfully

A logbook is issued to you once you’ve successfully passed your IRATA L1 assessment or SPRAT L1 evaluation. It will have a unique serial number, which is different from your IRATA or SPRAT certification number, and your photo, which you … Continued

TACS Chapter 3: Levels of Qualification

Hey Technicians! So, if you’re thinking about becoming an IRATA technician, here is a breakdown of what your IRATA journey will look like! There are three levels or grades that you can achieve. Check out the flow chart below to get … Continued

What to do when you need a replacement logbook

First, let’s take a moment to recognize the shock and panic that ensues when you’ve realized you’ve lost your logbook. *Breath* Okay, good news, it’s not that bad. It’s not the end of the world, and you do not have … Continued