“Our Mission is to lead as pioneers and advocates for Rope Access operations & training in Canada through innovation, collaboration, safety and mentorship.”

As we forge ahead at the forefront of Rope Access in Western Canada, we take pride in our provision of safe and efficient access while bringing the entire Rope Access industry to the leading edge of our construction and energy markets. While Rope Access will always rely on proper technique and dependable hardware, we believe it is our Pacific Ropes team that makes all the difference in education, rescue, and contracting. We are the advantage in Rope Access in spirit and action, philosophy and practice, as the only thing more powerful than a big idea, is the team that can see it through.

Our Value System


We provide the highest quality service to customers through coordinating industry leading teams for work at-height.


As it is our passion, we focus on engineering creative access solutions for the modern age that produces nothing but the best results. Our innovation in access is always aligned with best practice and the highest quality end results.


As our primary purpose, our safety-first culture is exemplified through our training and work environments. We believe Rope Access is the safest method for work at-height and it is our goal to bring this practice to the forefront of work at-height because of this.


As this is not only our profession but is ingrained in our Pacific Ropes culture, we believe in offering the highest quality of training available. Teaching Rope Access safety practices according to our industry’s highest safety standards is not only our job, but something we take pride in when coaching our trainees. Educating our workforce and preparing them for the job market with the greatest Rope Access skills and mindset is something we excel at.

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Through the principles of collaboration, innovation, safety, and mentorship, Pacific Ropes thrives to serve our at-height community with integrity, consistency and a deep appreciation for the uniqueness of our industry.  We believe we offer something different, not only in the way we educate our technicians but also in the way we complete our work on site. We believe it is not only our responsibility to educate our community according to the highest standards of Rope Access safety, but to also create an environment that is open to our community as a resource and support that is ongoing.


Partners & Affiliates

We take great care to work with only the very finest suppliers, manufacturers and partners in our field. If your organization is interested in potentially working with the Pacific Ropes network of companies, please contact our team today.