The Wind Energy industry continues to grow rapidly!

Pacific Ropes is the Solution for Wind Turbine Maintenance!

In North America and internationally countries are taking up the challenge of producing green, sustainable, home-grown energy. Wind power has been the world’s fastest growing energy source, with global growth,
on average, of 30% per year for
the past five years.

But, how do you maintain, inspect and repair a structure with the enormity of a wind turbine? Well, with the help of a Rope Access team of course!

Pacific Ropes is an expert in difficult access and our proven record of quality work in difficult to access environments makes us well suited to the maintence and repair needs of the Wind sector.

Benefits of Choosing Rope Access

  • The leading provider of difficult wind turbine access globally
  • Rope Access completes work before a projected timeline due to fast set-up and takedown
  • The most cost effective option for difficult access
  • The safest way to complete work at-height with integrated team rescue

Pacific Ropes Services

  • Internal and External Inspection
  • Laminate and Coating Repair
  • Inspection and Installation of Lightening Protection Systems
  • Repair and Installation Blade Protection and Aerodynamic Sytems
  • Coating Repairs
  • Internal and External Cleaning


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