Rope Access is a system

"Up to six times less likely to experience job injury."

Rope access is a system for connecting workers to hard to reach spaces. Instead of your workers standing on scaffold, they are hanging on a set of two ropes, a working line and a back up line, each attached to separate anchors. Rope Access is construction on ropes. No scaffolding, no lifts, no cradles, low-to-no environmental impact.

Developed in the 1990’s from caving and climbing techniques, rope access was designed to solve the industrial sector’s most difficult access challenges. It answers the question, “How can we possibly get to that space?”  Not only is rope access able to get workers to that difficult space, but workers were able to reach it safely without costing too much money.

A rope access technician can access the worksite, complete the task at hand, and perform rescues in an emergency. Three line budget items are now condensed into one. This cuts costs and increases your profit!

Using the rope access system involves pre-planning a rope access work and rescue plan. All these procedures are regulated by IRATA and SPRAT rope access associations to ensure that the highest safety standards are implemented.

Rope access procedures gives technicians the flexibility to move in, out, and around a given work space. The workscope that is too expensive to be completed by scaffolding may be accomplished with rope access.

What is part of the Rope Access System?

In order for rope access to give you all it’s promises, it must consist of all the following elements before the rope access team begins on any work site.

How is the Rope Access regulated?

Rope Access is a taught and tested system. Rope Access is taught in Canada in a designated Rope Access training facility, by a designated Rope Access trainer, which ensures particular standards of Rope Access theory, practical techniques and safety practices are thoroughly taught and tested in the suitable environment. In Canada, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) is the internationally recognized certification system that regulates Rope Access training facilities, curriculum, companies, and technicians. It is an audited system that ensures absolute correctness and uniformity in practice on all levels. IRATA has an unmatched safety record for work at height. The Society of Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) is the North American certification system, which similarly ensures uniformity in teaching, testing and practice.

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