What can you do with a Rope Access certificate? Working in Rope Access is incredibly diverse and really depends on several things! Do you have a background in a trade? Engineering? Rescue? Maybe climbing?

Or, are you looking to begin a really exciting career as a Rope Access Technician and your background isn’t in anything specific? Below are just some areas where you might find yourself practicing Rope Access!

Window Washing

High rise Maintenance

Pressure Washing

High rise Maintenance

Dryer Vent Cleaning

High rise Maintenance

Rock Scaling

Geo Technical


Industrial Facilities


Industrial Facilties

Cleaning and Maintenance

Wind Turbines


Various Industries



Netting Installations


Bridge Inspections


Inspection and Maintenance

Offshore Rigs


Various Iconic Structures

Confined Spaces

Various Industries


High rise glazers

Career Benefits

  • Opportunity to travel
  • Your "office" is never the same
  • See things that people will pay to do! Imagine hanging off a suspension bridge and getting paid to do it!
  • Work hard, play hard. You may find yourself spending 2 months straight working on site and then two months off to...surf?
  • This is a career where you make new friends fast! You do have to rely on each other when working at height together!

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