Blocked by a tricky location? Rope Access in Film and TV can make that impossible shot possible by giving your crew access to hard to reach places! Have you ever been in a production meeting and said to yourselves, “how are we suppose to rig that up in that spot?” Or, “there is no way we can get those shots because of the location.” Or, “there is no way scaffolding can fit there. And, even if we tried, it’s too expensive.” In those very niche and special situations, Rope Access can be your alternative option.




Rope Access is an innovative access solution that enables a technician to use 2 ropes and a harness system to position themselves in nearly any work environment. In conjunction with a unique gear system, an access technician can maneuver themselves with complete 360 degree mobility in difficult locations, all while completing a myriad of work tasks. Typically Rope Access is used in industrial settings as it not only allows a technician ultimate time efficiency, with easy installation and de-installation, but also allows for great cost savings as it eliminates the need for scaffold or other heavy access equipment.




In Film and TV, time is money!

Rope Access gets you that money shot without breaking budget!

Rope Access in film and TV makes the most sense
when you need to access a tricky location.
The Director or DOP may need to place a
camera at a specific angle to get
that magic shot, but getting your crew and
equipment in the right places may prove
challenging! This is where Rope Access
can improve the relationship between
the creatives and production
Using Rope Access makes
getting that magic shot possible but
without being overly costly.


Set services provided by Pacific Ropes

  • Getting your camera teams into the right spot in a high or tricky location
  • Rigging platforms and camera dollies in un-traditional areas
  • Standby rescue for sets that are located in high areas or in confined spaces
  • Positioning key personnel for a scene in a sensitive location where scaffolding or cranes would be too obtrusive
  • Working with your grips to help with placing grip equipment in hard to reach places
  • Working with your electrics to help with placing lights in hard to reach places
  • Giving your stunts personnel safer rope skills
  • Making insane scripts possible by giving you options to film in extreme locations
  • Saving you money while helping you get that amazing shot!
  • Making the impossible, possible while maintaining a high degree of safety
  • Fall protection training
  • Rope Access training

How is Rope Access safe?

Rope Access has it’s own little section in the WorksafeBC OHS regulation. It’s section 34! But, to save you time and effort, we’ve listed out all the things below that make using Rope Access safe on set.

  • It’s regulated by WorksafeBC
  • The system is redundant. All equipment in Rope Access is tied off twice!
  • The teams are redundant. There is never a 1 person Rope Access team. This ensures our redundancy and safety!
  • Our Rope Access system is audited by our international Rope Access association (IRATA). This means we have to abide by standards proven to ensure safety and competency on set.

How do I incorporate Rope Access into my production?

This begins with a simple conversation. Come talk to us so we can create a solution for your particular production, particular scene, particular shot. There’s nothing to lose here except the potential of filming something amazing!


Contact us today! We are happy to help!

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