We’ve claimed Rope Access can save you money while increasing efficiency and safety. However, if you’ve never used Rope Access before, we understand that it’s still hard to visualize how it can be applied to your particular workscopes and projects.

Rope Access case studies are a great way to help you imagine test to see if Rope Access can be applicable to your current worksites. Fill in the form below, and let us know what current problem you are having and we can show you how Rope Access can help. There is nothing to lose!

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Is Rope Access only for high heights?

The Rope Access system can help your workers reach difficult areas at height. However, this system can be applied to:

  • Confined Spaces
  • Obstructed structures that make it impossible to set up scaffold
  • Areas that have sensitive environmental considerations such as traffic lanes, landscaping, tourism, people, animals, etc.
  • Structures with complex architecture
  • Intricate or tiny work areas that are inaccessible