Want to learn about Rope Access but not commit to a 5 day course?

Get introduced to Rope Access in one day!

We get it! It’s hard to take time off work for a 5 day course and you’re not even sure if Rope Access is something you want or need!

This is why we decided to host a 1 day Rope Access Awareness course. In this one day course, you’ll learn the basic maneuvers taught in an L1 SPRAT or IRATA Rope Access course. We’ll teach you the basics of Rope Access, the equipment we use, and discuss how the Rope Access system can be an advantage on your work site! Afterwards, you decide for yourself if a full Rope Access training course is something you want to invest in!

Course Cirriculum

The Rope Access Awareness course is intended for anyone who has no previous Industrial Rope Access experience but wants the opportunity to be introduced to our rope system and work methodology. 

Things you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to IRATA and SPRAT
  • Care and maintenance of PPE
  • Harness assembly
  • Descender/Backup/Rope Clamps/Cowstails
  • Ascent/Descent/Change Overs
  • Ascent with Descender
  • Descent with Ascenders
  • Passing Deviations
  • 4 Rope Transfer
  • Fall Protection

Course Dates

All Rope Access awareness courses are $200 plus tax.

Come join us and discover Rope Access! See you soon!

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