In the Pulp and Paper industry, preventing problems is preferred to fixing them.

Let us help you with your preventative maintenance plan!

Between 60%-80% of all equipment malfunctions Quality Control Scanners and other equipment within a facility, are caused by unsatisfactory maintenance.

Working collaboratively with Pulp and Paper Mill managers, the Pacific Ropes team can work effectively to rapidly assess your facility’s conditions and recommend and perform any necessary repairs to avoid any problem intensification. Because of the expediency of Rope Access set-up and take-down, our team can serve your inspection, maintenance and repair needs with low production down time.

Let our team assist you in the planning and execution of an excellent preventative maintenance plan or address the problem you currently find yourself in.

How can Rope Access serve your Pulp and Paper facility?

Pulp and Paper Roadmap


  • Fast set-up and take-down to avoid production shutdown and profit loss
  • Fast set-up/take-down equals increased cost savings
  • Can easily work around a planned outage schedule
  • Can collaboratively make prevention/repair recommendations

Rope Access Pulp and Paper Services

  • Liner and Tank Inspection and Repair
  • Industrial Chimney Sweeping and Inspecting
  • Install and Repair Safety Platforms, Ladders, Access Structures, Lighting, Chimneys and Stacks
  • Provide Coatings to NACE Inspection Standards
  • Welding and Structural Repair
  • Bolt Torquing
  • Installing Insulation
  • Cable Tray Electrical
  • Painting and Surface Reconditioning

Additional Services

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