Make sure your crew is protected by our incredible rescue team!

For Pacific Ropes, the bottom line of our rescue approach is simple: Get every person home safely at the end of the day.

The Rope Access rescue approach is quite different from typical high angle rescue. We are trained and advocate for a proactive/pre-emptive approach to rescue as opposed to a reactive approach. This means we pre-plan a rescue response to any conceivable hazard before it happens. We make sure our plan is assessed each day according to any change in a work site environment and our techs are seasoned to perform a solo rescue from almost any high angle or vertical work position.


The belief that employers do not need to have an on-site rescue team is becoming increasingly insufficient as the commitment to worksite safety in Canada continues to increase.  

In this regard, not providing a rescue team to support your crew can have serious legal ramifications. The Criminal Code in Canada section 22.1 outlines that the criminal prosecution of managers, directors, and supervisors who enact negligence resulting in harm is a total possibility if rescue is neglected. Essentially failing to meet the legal obligations to provide prompt rescue can result in criminal charges to any and all senior members of an organization if serious injury or death occurs.  We don’t want to see you that situation!

As a COR recipient, Pacific Ropes is confident that we can provide you with an incredible team of rescue professionals who are ready and equipped to act in even the most challenging rescue scenarios.

Do you have questions about your rescue plan? Give us a call! We’re happy to assist you.

Some scenarios for standby rescue services with PacRopes:

  • Maintenance personnel who are working in confined space
  • Film crew working at heights
  • Inspectors or personnel working on bridges
  • Personnel working in any difficult space that is hard to get to!

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