Hydroelectric work sites are riddled with access complications! The good news?

The Pacific Ropes team can get you anywhere, just ask us how!

This is where Rope Access shines!

Pacific Ropes is the go-to provider for hydroelectric Rope Access services.
We inspect, repair and maintain penstocks, dams, spill gates and weirs.

Give us a call and see how we can help meet your hydro project needs!


Benefits of Rope Access

  • The safest way to complete work at-height with integrated team rescue
  • Rope Access completes work before a projected timeline due to fast set-up and takedown
  • The most cost effective option for difficult access
  • Environmentally friendly with low-to-no work site or architectural impact

Pacific Ropes Services

  • Spill gate Inspection
  • Penstock Inspection
  • Surge Tower Inspection
  • Corosion Assessments
  • Industrial Guiding
  • Structural Climbing
  • Coatings Inspection


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