If you are new to Rope Access we are certain you have questions about what training will be like with the Pacific Ropes team. And, if you have received training elsewhere before, we like to think we do it a little bit differently!

Read below to find out about our training experience!


  • You can expect an awesome complimentary lunch chosen by you and your training team on your assessment day as a congratulations from the entire Pacific Ropes team! You can’t beat that!
  • You can expect to receive a 10% off discount on gear for your first order!
  • You can expect a wonderful staff behind the scenes who are willing and able to help you with any needs you may have outside of your direct training experience. The Pacific Ropes team guarantees to give the best we have to support your current training experience and your next step beyond just training!


  • You can expect a fantastic trainer who is IRATA and SPRAT Level 3 certified and has years of training experience to ensure your successful completion of the course.
  • Although training is a great time, with lots of fun to be had, you can also expect it to carry a level of seriousness given our industry’s expectation of superlative safety and rescue competencies.


  • You can expect to be trained alongside 6-8 people maximum. Training groups are typically a mixture of both SPRAT and IRATA students who will vary in experience and certification levels.
  • You can bet you will have a lot in common with others in your training group, so, you’re sure to make a few new friends in the Rope Access community along the way!
  •  If you feel like you need a refresher on a previous certification to get ready for your upgrade, you can expect us to schedule that beforehand to make sure you are the best you can be for your week of training ahead, and most importantly, your assessment!

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