Discounts for Group Rope Access Training!

Join our Corporate Rope Access Training Program!

Either you need to provide rope access training for 1-2 employees for a tight-margined job. Or, you need to train a full crew.

Either way, you’re looking at spending more money then you would like for rope access training.

We understand the anxiety and frustration with spending this money. So, we decided to lighten the load by creating a training program just for your team! With our Corporate Training Program, you will receive discounts on training and equipment!

Benefits you receive when you register for our program!

  • Guaranteed rope access discounts for all training and equipment
  • Custom course scheduling
  • Private open gym nights-Great for team building
  • Special promotions just for Corporate clients throughout the year
  • Job Postings-Advertise your spots to our community
  • Our Corporate Training Program is free to sign up!

Why have a Corporate Training Program?

Builds a Better Program

By collaborating with you on a longer-term basis, we get to know your company and industry better. Learning your needs and challenges helps us cater a training program for your staff.

Keeps the Conversation Going

By staying in contact with our Corporate clients, we can provide support even outside of training. Techniques might be applied differently out in the field so we can be a resource if your staff encounter challenges on site.

Creates a Strong Community

Things just work better when we collaborate. By learning from each other’s experiences and skillsets, we can create a stronger and safer work-at-height community.

Sign up for our Corporate Training Program here!