Confined spaces are complex. Let us take care of your worries!

The Pacific Ropes team is first and foremost dedicated to your team’s safety and the success of your project. As confined spaces are not meant for human occupancy, the safety of your work plan is paramount in these work environments.

Confined spaces are one of the most challenging and dangerous environments facing emergency responders and workers today- you need to know you are in good hands when hiring a team to provide confined space entry and services. We are the team to give you that peace of mind.

Pacific Ropes is unique in that not only do we carry out work within confined spaces and plan a legislated entry and exit plan, but most importantly, rescue is built into our system.

Statistically, six out of ten ‘would-be rescuers’ perish while trying to rescue another worker from a confined space. Pacific Ropes is aware of these numbers and we work diligently to change them. It is always important to know that anyone working in a Confined Space is required by law to be Confined Spaces Trained- our team is certified to work in these challenging environments. 


Before entering any confined space, a trained and experienced team has to identify and evaluate all the existing and potential hazards within a confined space- let us do that for you. Want to know more about what we can do in a confined space? Give us a call!


Click here to learn more about WorkSafeBC Confined Space Evacuation and Rescue Terms.

Ensuring absolute safety on your job site is not only important it is mandated through Occupational Health and Safety: Click here to learn about Bill C45.

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