Rope Access: Example of Innovation in Construction?

Is Rope Access an example of innovation in construction? Hop onto any company’s mission webpage and you’ll find innovation listed somewhere in their mission or values. I think 70% of my research drums up the word innovation somewhere. It’s a … Continued

TACS Chapter 3: Levels of Qualification

Hey Technicians! So, if you’re thinking about becoming an IRATA technician, here is a breakdown of what your IRATA journey will look like! There are three levels or grades that you can achieve. Check out the flow chart below to get … Continued

Features of the Safe Tec Duck-R

You know how back in the day if you wanted to “download” a song, you would have to turn on the radio function on your ghetto blaster, insert a blank cassette tape, and then press record when a good song … Continued

Features of the Petzl IDs

When I took my IRATA level one, I was so focused on practicing maneuvers during the week that I didn’t give enough study time to learning my gear. To be honest, I took it for granted. I didn’t think it … Continued

PacRopes New Years Resolutions

  I think New Years resolutions have gotten a bad rep over the years. Most people don’t make them; assuming they won’t be able to keep up with them anyway. I think it’s because people make resolutions that they currently have … Continued

Why I love the Petzl Grillon

One of the first things I introduced here to Pacific Ropes training was using the Petzl Grillon as part of your basic kit. Why? Because it makes everything easier and safer! Back when I first started Rope Access, working out on … Continued


JEM Lanyard Holders

We previously reviewed the new 2016 PETZL NEWTON – a basic (but not so basic) – fall arrest harness. But the second piece of equipment in PETZL’s long awaited fall arrest line is the PETZL VOLT (and the PETZL VOLT … Continued



FACT: Falls are the leading cause of worker fatalities in construction.   To this end, safety cannot be overstated on a worksite and using an excellent harness is a major part of ensuring your safety at height. Harnesses are no … Continued